Dental Emergencies

Dr. Kara Bagdan's after-hours cell phone number is (587)966-0906, and is available for current patients at all hours for dental emergencies. You can call or text, and please text a photo of the issue if you can. If you cannot reach Dr. Kara Bagdan, please visit the Banff Mineral Springs hospital's ER. Please read the following to determine if you are having a dental emergency:

Yes, please call the after-hours line or visit the nearest hospital's ER for the following reasons:

  • Pain that is not helped by an over-the-counter pain medication (Advil, Tylenol, etc.), and is so severe that it would prevent you from sleeping.

  • Acute swelling that causes difficulty breathing, is rapidly growing, feels hot to the touch, or affected area looks shiny and tight.

  • Teeth that are knocked out entirely or knocked out of place.

  • Bleeding that will not stop.


Yes, but please try to avoid calling between 8:00 PM and 7:00 AM:

  • Broken tooth immediately before a big event that would be ruined if you were seen with a broken tooth (wedding, birthday, etc.)

  • Pain that is not severe, but uncomfortable enough that cannot wait until the next open office hours.

  • Recent dental treatment at Bite that you have questions or concerns about that cannot wait until the next office hours.

No, please wait until next open office hours:

  • Broken tooth that is not causing pain.

  • A filling that has fallen out.

  • A filling that is sensitive to temperature or biting.

  • A question that is not immediately urgent.

  • Have already been seen at the hospital's ER. 

  • Anything else that does not fit in the above categories.


There may be a $100.00 fee for non-current patients or inappropriate after-hours calls. Services rendered will be subject to our normal fees additionally. Non-current patients will be subject to a $50.00 fee if a medication is prescribed over the phone call. Current patients will never be subject to these additional fees if using the after-hours service appropriately. 



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