Orthodontics in Baniff

A healthy smile consists of a healthy bite and teeth alignment. At bite Family Dentistry, Dr. Natali Schindler and her staff offer our Banff community orthodontic services for both kids and adults. We have a range of traditional braces and clear aligner options such as Invisalign® to ensure all of your needs are met. Whether your child requires orthodontic treatment to correct and protect their smile, or you desire a beautiful smile, we are dedicated to serving you and your family.

Orthodontic Treatment for Children

Phasal orthodontics can begin as early as age three. The dentist monitors the development of your child’s jaw and looks for signs of developing misalignment. Dr. Schindler offers treatments such as palate expanders and retainers to maintain the shape of the jaw as permanent teeth erupt. In some cases, these proactive measures create a healthy bite and smile alignment that minimizes the time needed for braces in their early to late teens.

We are now offering the Myobrace System at our Banff practice. This appliance is a preventive pre-orthodontic treatment that addresses the underlying causes of crooked teeth. The appliance should be worn 1-2 hours during the day and overnight as your child sleeps.

For patients who require braces, we offer both Invisalign clear aligners as well as fixed metal braces. We recommend metal braces for teens as they are a tried-and-true method to correct various malocclusion issues and young patients who are more likely to lose their clear aligners. Most patients wear braces from 12 to 36 months depending on their needs.

Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

The need for adult orthodontics is a common occurrence and treats crowded smiles and uneven bites to bolster health and aesthetic. Not correcting malocclusions can lead to tooth decay or periodontal disease for it can be difficult to keep these teeth clean. Our Banff dentist offers fixed braces as well as Invisalign clear aligners for adult patients to address misalignment.

Receiving fixed metal braces for adults can be daunting. The bulky material can be too noticeable in the smile and cause self-consciousness. However, metal braces have been a staple in the straightening of smiles and are able to correct severe cases of misalignment. Patients can choose the color of bands that keep the wire in place and don’t need to worry about changing the oral care routine.

Invisalign clear braces are known for their ability to remain undetected in the smile by others.They are removable allowing patients to enjoy their favorite foods without hesitation or worry about damaging their appliances. However, Invisalign clear braces care fabricated to treat mild to moderate cases of misalignment, meaning if malocclusion is severe, you may require a different treatment option.

Smile with Confidence with Orthodontic Treatments in Banff

For more information or to schedule a consultation for orthodontics, contact bite Family Dentistry today. Our dentist, Dr. Natali Schindler is eager to help you and your loved ones down the path to an improved smile. 

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